Wallpaper Hanging

To give your room’s interior a more unique feeling that standard paint just can’t offer, visualize the added style of wallpaper. The various designs and imagery can mix with your décor to invoke a one of a kind environment that will exude either a bold statement or a subtle texture to the room, depending on your preferences.

I am a certified wallpaper hanger with extensive experience installing a wide range of wall coverings. My Master Paperhanger Certification is from the United States School of Professional Paperhanging in Rutland, Vermont.

When you are redesigning a room, wallpaper can add a special flourish to your individual style, melding the various items and furnishings in the room to form a singular look. In essence, the wallpaper you choose will tie the room together. It serves as the background setting to your cinematic landscape, evoking emotions, concepts, and artistic abstraction.

If you also find yourself in need of removing old wallpaper, this service is one of our specialties. We are experts at this. Our approach to removing existing wallpaper is to remove it without causing any wall damage. If the walls are in poor condition, we can skim coat them providing a smooth surface to either paint or install new wallpaper.

I would be happy to consult with you on how to best proceed with your room’s design. Whether you are interested in grass cloth, suede, foil-backed wallpaper, or another style, I am equipped and qualified to complete your project.

Wallpaper Portfolio